Soft Serve Vanilla Powder Mix – HERMES

Soft Serve Vanilla Powder Mix – HERMES incorporates the best of all ingredients for the best taste and for optimal performance in a soft serve machine. It aerates well giving you a light and fluffy, creamy texture with a rich taste.

A powdered mix. This is a dried version of the liquid mix. It has the advantage of easy distribution and can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling.

Water must be added prior to being mixed and added to soft serve machine.

For creamier soft serve ice cream water can be substituted with full cream milk.

If you like to serve the best, then Hermes Soft Serve ice cream powder mix should be your choice. It is simply the best!

Click here for :   Soft Serve Powder Mix Instructions

Code: 01063

Description: 1kg Packet  of Vanilla Soft Serve Powder

Packing: 16 x 1kg Packets Per Box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010638

Unit Barcode: 6001622010631