Mini Mallow Cones – 15s

15 mallow cones for that inbetween sweet snack

 Hermes mini mallow cones are a fluffy marshmallow-filled wafer mini cone that brings joy to children and adults alike.

The assortment features fabulous flavours and colours.

Some like to nibble off the edges, then go for the soft, tender middle. Others like to pop the whole thing in their mouth at once. While, the remainder will nibble off a side and eat the marshmallow right out of the centre. Pure enjoyment no matter how you do it.

Product Code: 01004

Description: 15 mini mallow cones

Packing: 15 units per bag

Outer Packing: 25 per case

Unit Barcode:    6001622010044

Outer Case Barcode: 1600162201004

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