Hermes produces and supplies high-quality ice cream cones, wafers, ice cream powder mix, soft serve mix, toppings, chocolate dips, sweets and snacks.

Constantly introducing new technologies into our manufacturing process makes Hermes
products particularly profitable in terms of quality, taste, innovation, and cost. We pay close attention to every detail of our products. Even in the fast-paced automated world of today, we rely on personal attention to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Hermes Cone & Snack Manufacturers was established on 21 March 1977. Starting with a hand-operated ice cream cone machine. Since then we have automated the process to supply products that you love.


The taste and quality of our products are important because when a person eats a cone, the cone is the last thing they taste.

Our reputation for quality, reliability and service has been achieved through excess of 40 years of experience within the ice cream cone industry and is confirmed by our many customers throughout South Africa and abroad

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