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Cones – Medium

HERMES ice cream cones are a delightful experience, a tasty indulgence for children and adults alike. Hermes Bulk Pack cones are sold to major retail, wholesale outlets & distributors nationally and throughout Africa . Hermes Cones taste better than any other cones, using either scoop ice cream, soft serve, frozen yogurt, or gelato. Ice cream shops from all over the country who currently sell our cones, find that their customers enjoy the ice cream right until the cone is done.

Product Code: 01012

Description: 1000 Medium Cones

Packing: 1000 cones per box Outer Case

Barcode: 160016220101

Code: 01003

Description: 500 Medium Cones

Packing: 500 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010034

Cones – Petito

Hermes Petito cones are used for an serving economy size serving to take fit less ice cream inside the cone and more on top, providing a more eye catching size of ice cream while not having to dispense too much.

Product Code: 01040

Description: Petito Cones

Packing: 1000 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010409

Mini Cones

These Hermes Mini cones are ideal for serving a bit size snack. Allowing only a bit size serving of the filling of your choice.

Product Code: 01020

Description: Mini Cones

Packing: 1900 cones per box

Edible Baking Cups

Edible Baking Cups are used for sampling ice cream , bake cup cakes and serve certain types of puddings.

Product can be oven baked.

Product Code: 01038

Description: 800  Assorted colours Edible Baking  Cups

Packing: 800 Units  per box

Outer Case Barcode: 160016221038

Edible Fluted Bowls

Hermes Edible Fluted Bowls are used for serving desserts such as ice cream, milk tarts. You can also serve warm food and starters. As the name suggests, these Edible Bowls are made of a wafer material. They’re also bake stable, so you don’t actually need a special cupcake tin to bake them in. They will stand on their own on a flat surface while in the oven.

Product Code: 01030

Description: Edible Fluted  Bowl

Packing: 585 Units per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010256

Large Cocoa Sugar Cones

Large Cocoa Sugar Cones.

Cocoa / Chocolate Waffle Cones will be your new favourite way to eat ice cream

Code: 01058

Description: 500 Large Cocoa Sugar Cones

Packing: 500 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622011581

Small Cocoa Sugar cones 110mm

Small Cocoa Sugar cones 110mm are for Chocolate lovers everywhere! We’ve taken our delicious Hermes Sugar Cone and flavoured it with cocoa chocolate to bring you Cocoa / Chocolate Waffle Small Sugar Cones.

Code: 01015

Description: 625 Small Sugar Cones Cocoa 

Packing: 625 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 1600162201015

Sugar Cones – Large

Hermes Large Sugar cones are selected as the best tasting sugar cones on the market. Try them and see !

Code: 01073

Description: 500 Large Sugar Cones

Packing: 500 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010737

Sugar Cones – Small

Hermes Small  sugar cones are superior in quality and taste to any existing product available in the market today !!

Code: 1009

Description: Small Sugar Cones

Packing: 625 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622011096

Sugar Cones – Pressed

Pressed small sugar cone . Looks and tastes like a rolled sugar cone.

Substantiably cheaper than rolled sugar cone and just as sweet. Made in Vanilla, Chocolate , Strawberry.

Code: 01024

Description: 795 Pressed Sugar Cones

Packing: 795 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010249

Cuplet Cones

Hermes popular flat based cones (also known as CUPLET CONES)  are sold to distributors and major fast food and retail franchises throughout  Africa.

Code: 01012

Description: 1000 Flat Based Cuplet Cones

Packing: 1000 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010126


Code: 01013

Description: 500 Flat Based Cuplet Cones

Packing: 500 cones per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010133

Sugar Wafer Baskets

Sugar wafer baskets are a great idea for a fully edible desert. You  can create a fantastic dessert with  scoop ice cream and fruit or inclusions and sauce.

Product Code: 01042

Description: Sugar Wafer Baskets

Packing: 160 Units per box

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622010423

Rectangular Wafers

These rectangular wafers come in a 4kg box and are ideal for your next ice-cream treat.

Product Code: 01046

Packing: 4kg Rectangular Wafers Per Box