Cone Display Perspex – 9 hole

Hermes have developed Perspex Cone Display case specifically for holding Hermes various ice cream cones sizes and shapes. Made out of clear, moulded perspex, the dispenser features 9 holes to hold each of our  cone varieties. The cones are swiftly and easily taken out from the topside and are ready to be filled.

The dispenser is a great option for ensuring visibility, decreasing the possibility of breakage and keeping track of your cone supply. When the quantity is low, it’s time to re-order from Hermes Cones.

Product Code: 01122

Description: 9 Hole Perspex Cone Display

Dimensions:  Length 230mm x Width 230 mm x Height 550mm


Cone Type Number of Cones Per Row Number of Cones that fit in Whole Stand
Cuplet Flat Based Cone 13 117
Medium Pointed Cone 16 144
Small Sugar Cone 28 252
Large Sugar Cone 24 216


Packing: 1 unit wrapped in protective packaging packed in corrugated box

Barcode: 16001622011222

Care for Perspex item

DUST: Mixture of water & sta-soft with a soft cloth

CLEANING: Sunlight soap & water & soft cloth

SCRATCHES: Brasso & soft cloth