Bubblegum Chocolate dip ice cream coating

Bubblegum Chocolate dip ice cream coating

Indulge with Bubblegum chocolate dipped soft ice cream cones.

Number of Dips:The number of dips depends on the temperature of the cones as well as that of the chocolate. There are approximately  200 dips for 5kg though this number is very conservative with proper use.

Getting dip out of bucket:

If you do not have a hot room to melt the Chocolate bucket in, can put the bucket in warm water to melt out the Choc dip and must just ensure the product is liquid and mixed well before dipping the ice cream due to the fat separating

Code: 01076

Description: Bubblegum Chocolate dip ice cream coating.

Packing: 5kg per Plastic Bucket

Outer Case Barcode: 6001622010761

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