Ice cream cones, Ice cream powders, wafers, sweets, snacks and catering equipment.

At Hermes cones, we supply ice cream cones, wafer cones, sugar cones, flat base cones, ice cream powder, soft serve powder, wafers, sweets, snacks and ice cream equipment, perfect for retail needs and bulk supply.
Hermes has produced high-quality ice cream cones, sweets and snacks since 1977. Constantly introducing new technologies and techniques into our manufacturing process makes Hermes products particularly profitable in terms of quality, innovation and cost. Taste, crispiness and look for years has made Hermes the finest on the market.

Hermes Cone & Snack Manufacturers was established on 21 March 1977 by Costa & Steni Mavropoulos in a building of 350 sq. meters. manufacturing marshmallow cones, sweets and snacks. In 1978 we purchased our first hand-operated ice-cream cone machine.  We imported our first fully automatic cone machine in 1979. The business is owned and run by the Mavropoulos family. Family ties, attention to detail, and old-fashioned quality are the ingredients that make our product the best in terms of quality, value.

Hermes mini mallow cones

Hermes mini mallow cones are a fluffy marshmallow-filled wafer mini cone that brings joy to children and adults alike.

The assortment features fabulous flavours and colours.

15 mallow cones for that in-between sweet snack


Hermes Edible Baking Cups

Hermes Edible Baking Cups can be used in an oven to bake cupcakes or muffins replacing the cupcake paper. These edible baking cups can also be used in many other fun desserts that can be enjoyed by young and old.

The packing is done with 30 units per box and 30 boxes per case.



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