the Hermes Edible Baking Cups can be used in a variety of ways in an oven to bake cupcakes and many other fun desserts. The box has 30 colourful baking cups that come in red, green, blue and yellow to be enjoyed by young and old.

Making baking easier for you.

We have created the ideal baking item with our edible baking cups. Eliminate the need for paper cupcake cups or muffin cups with this product. Rather pipe your dessert or cupcake mixture straight into our baking cups instead of paper cups. A good way to enjoy baked desserts without using paper cups that end up right in the bin.

One box of baking cups houses 30 units in red, blue, green and yellow. Create tasty treats for young and old with this baking cup.

Follow the recipe for your cupcake batter or the dessert you would like to try (the video below gives you a lovely cheesecake recipe for adults in our baking cupcakes and a colourful cupcake recipe for the children).

We suggest trying the below Hermes products together as a tasty treat in our edible cups:

  1. Hermes Edible Baking Cups 
  2. Hermes Ice Cream Powder Mix
  3. Hermes Dessert Toppings
  4. Hermes Rainbow Vermicelli

Have a look at the video below to see some creative and fun ways you can use our edible baking cups. The recipes are included for your use.

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