Sugar Treats – Fruity Asteroids

Hermes fruity asteroids are fun and delicious asteroid shaped snack! Crisp and fruity flavours of fruits overtake your senses with each bite… bursting with aromas and flavours. Treat yourself to fruit flavoured snacks.

Hermes Fruity snacks are increasingly popular as consumers choose to snack on sweet fruity flavours. All that, and a delicious snack too!

Product Code: 01114

Description: Fruity Asteroids – 50g

Outer Packing: 50 x 50g

Unit Barcode: 6001622011140

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622011147

Product Code: 01104

Description: Fruity Asteroids – 100g

Outer Packing: 32 x 100g

Unit Barcode: 6001622011041

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622011048

Product Code: 01103

Description: Fruity Asteroids – 200g

Outer Packing: 16 x 200g

Unit Barcode: 6001622011034

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622011031

Product Code: 01126

Description: Fruity Asteroids – 200g

Outer Packing: 10 x 400g

Unit Barcode: 6001622011263

Outer Case Barcode: 16001622011260

Product Code: 01100

Description: Fruity Asteroids – 500g

Unit Barcode: 6001622011003

Product Code: 01101

Description: Fruity Asteroids – 1 kg

Unit Barcode: 6001622011010